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World War Z moves along at a good clip, has some interesting twists, and occasionally the opportunity for the audience to chuckle and relieve the tension.  Although there are a few holes in the plot, after the bumpy road of filming, the finished product is reasonably good.  Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane makes a good low-key hero who is willing to take risks, but also comes across with brains and tender feelings toward his family.  He is good-hearted, and I had to smile when he picked up another child to be added to the family, just as the actor and wife Angelina Jolie have done in real life.
            To the credit of the director Marc Forster and cinematographer Ben Seresin, scenes with hordes of zombies are impressive, with thousands scaling and tumbling over the wall in Jerusalem, and making horrible croaking sounds. We see individuals getting affected and going into writhing spasms on the streets and hanging onto planes as they are taking off.  3D is an advantage in having them hurl out toward the audience so abruptly the audience gasps. 
            I think there are some clever twists in the hero’s efforts to solve the challenge, drawing on his own observations and those of the scientists, and being more of a detective than a super-hero.  Although, after he has done this, some heroics will be required.  I noticed that the female actors are given active roles in both the heroics and scientific problem-solving, a welcome change in movies of this type.
            I liked the way the film ended.  What comes after Z?                        Grade:  B+



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