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Olympus Has Fallen is a rather unbelievable (it better be!) account of the U.S. White House being attacked and the President being held captive by terrorists from North Korea.  They attack from the skies first, then manage to get inside the White House.  That so many airplanes with weapons could get past our security is the first unbelievable part; then, that a single ex-secret serviceman could ward off numerous physical attacks all by himself while generals and other officials are making poor decisions is likewise not credible.  There is enough loud gunfire, soaring music, and tense moments to produce a headache, but somehow the film does maintain a fair amount of suspense.
            Another misfire is the casting, most notably with Aaron Eckhart as the President.  Although he is a good actor, he simply does not come across as presidential.  Nor does Gerard Butler seem much like someone from the secret service.  I would have expected the villain Kang (Rick Yune) to be much more sinister; here, he seems cold, but not particularly ominous and threatening as someone who displays and orders the degree of violence he does.  The brutality shown to the President’s secretary was offensive, and came across more as extended woman bashing than as a serious part of the story.  The rest of the cast is very competent, especially Morgan Freeman in a role that is almost a trademark for him.
            The movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt who have inserted lines that, to me, are absurd.  After the White House has been attacked, who would say to someone involved, “How was your day”?  Or “This has been a rough day, hasn’t it”?  After a kid has been traumatized by murder and mayhem all around him while he is alone, it seems ridiculous to have someone say, “Are you OK?” 
            In my opinion, there is not much to recommend in Olympus Has Fallen.                        Grade:  D



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